What I’m Reading

• Id’ like to give the Brewers some words of advice, but the sign says it all: “Sign Prince and they will come”.

• The Rangers have this really awesome first base prospect named Justin Smoak. The Rangers also have this really awful current first baseman named Chris Davis. Let’s do some simple math, here.

• Because someone in the world has to talk about the Astros, I’m here to tell you that journeyman Jeff Keppinger is well on his way to usurping Kaz Matsui’s second base job.

You say you can throw faster? Well, then who are you and what have you done with Kris Benson?

What I Think About It

Prince Fielder

• I’m just glad I’m not a Brewers fan.

After years of toil watching the promising Ben Sheets waste away, the savior arrived from the Cleveland Indians only to be whisked away by the pinstriped temptress.

Now, if Milwaukee was to lose its homegrown trophy?

I’d be really glad I’m not a Brewers fan.

I’ve mentioned before that I am less-than-the-average financial wiz, but if Joe Mauer can land with the Twins a year before he hits free agency, then by golly there’s gotta be a way to scrape together enough beer and bratwurst money to re-sign Prince Fielder.

Unfortunately, it has been rumored that Fielder is using Mauer’s eight-year $184 million deal as a benchmark – to start with.

So they’re really going to have to scrounge around for every last penny to keep the Big Fella’.

But they have to do it.

When the buzz around Mauer hit this spring training, people said that he needed to stay. “It’s good for the game,” they’d cry from afar.

The same applies to Prince.

Granted, he wasn’t born and raised in Milwaukee, as is the case for Mauer and St. Paul, but it’s important for small market teams to keep their well-groomed prized-possessions.

America loves an underdog.

Outside of Yankee and Red Sox fans, no true baseball fan likes to see talent leave for the big city and the big bucks.

Fans want to see the Brewers, the Twins, the Pirates (well, maybe not the Pirates – nobody cares about them) keep what rightfully belongs to them.

 So Milwaukee, do everything you can to keep him.

 We’d all appreciate it.

Chris Davis

• Chris Davis has been downright miserable this season.

The patience of Rangers fans has to be wearing thin, considering Smoak is anxiously waiting down in AAA Oklahoma City.

I understand the arbitrational dilemma regarding his potential early call-up, but there comes a point in the first month of a baseball season where a team has to decide if they’re sincerely going to compete the rest of the way out.

Sure, the Rangers currently sit in last place at a paltry 5-7, but the AL West is a mild division that can be won by whichever team stands up and declares itself a winner.

Texas might feel that it owes him more than just a few weeks into the season before making any kind of brash move regarding a switch.

But how much longer can the Rangers employ a strikeout master in Davis while ignoring the fact that piece of mind could be right around the corner?

Expect to start hearing Smoak’s name more and more as Davis continues to struggle.

Hopefully for the good of the organization, he picks it up, but don’t count on it.

Jeff Keppinger

• The Astros knew full-well heading into 2010 that this was not their year.

But at least they decided to make things interesting.

After starting their season 0-8, I guess it could be said that the team has hit a “hot streak” to bring their record up to 3-9.

Part of those three huge wins can be attributed to the surprisingly sufficient play of former minor league great, Jeff Keppinger.

Unfortunately for Kaz Matsui, Kepp’s success and soon-to-be longevity are all coming at his expense.

So what we’re looking at here is this: since he likely won’t be happy platooning or being a role player and he definitely won’t accept an assignment to AAA Round Rock, if Keppinger keeps up the pace, Matsui’s next likely option is to leave via trade.

It’s still early for most teams to want to explore a trade that would involve him, but with the recent Fred Lewis trade, we’ve been shown that it can be done when a player needs to get out.

Is Kaz next?

Kris Benson

• Alright, it was one start.

But that doesn’t stop me from being amazed at the fact that Kris Benson did not systematically implode on the mound on Saturday.

Even if his wife, Anna (and we all know how I feel about Mrs. Benson), was in the stands watching, I didn’t think it would be enough motivation to have a successful outing.

But he proved me wrong.

Am I happy about it?


Do I expect Kris Benson to be quality starter for the rest of 2010?

Well, uhh..no. Do you?

He is saying, however, that he thinks he can throw faster than his clocked top speed of 90.1 MPH as time goes on and his arm regains its strength.

I have yet to be fully impressed by you, Kris, unlike other members of the Benson family.        

But I’m intrigued.

Show me what you got, Sir.


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