Sean Stellato: the hardest working man in sports.

He’s far busier than you and not only does he find the time to work out, he teaches others how to achieve optimal fitness as well at his Speed Enhanced by Stellato programs.

Oh, and he’s also an NFL player agent for a slew of NFL players, including two New England Patriots.
Over the weekend, Peabody’s Stellato, along with Patriots players Kyle Arrington and Kyle Love (two of his clients), former Pat Jermaine Wiggins, and Northeastern football legend Jimmy Murphy hosted a summer gridiron clinic in Chelsea that focused on football fundamentals for youths.

“Early in his career, Kyle was defined as being a dark horse after going undrafted,” said Stellato, who has been a certified NFLPA contract advisor since 2005. “He was an underrated diamond in the rough and he knows what he brings to the table. He has such a passion for football and wants to play a helping role in the success of young athletes as they move up the totem pole. He understands there’s a need for developing technique and fundamentals at a young age.”

It makes sense, then that Arrington (who led the NFL with seven interceptions last season) and company would be involved in such a clinic that teaches fundamentals to kids in grades 6-12 such as how to run the 40-yard dash, shuttle runs, and skill drill development, but what would an NFL agent have to offer on the field?

Well, as it turns out he’s a former professional Arena Football player himself, also having played Division I football and basketball at Marist College.

“I take tremendous pride in my physique and body and I have such a passion for football and playing the game,” said the certified personal trainer, agility and quickness trainer, certified Peak Performance consultant, and CPR certified Stellato. “Being able to relate to my clients (from an athletic standpoint)  is cool. The respect we have for each other goes hand-in-hand and we’re able to work together to put on these camps.”

The Sports Legacy Institute also gave a talk on concussions, which Stellato believes is a great way to educate a lot of younger athletes on the severity of head injuries and the protocol with which they’re treated at the college and professional level.

In addition to Arrington and Love, Stellato also represents Pittsburgh Steelers starting running back Isaac Redman, Jacksonville Jaguars tight end Colin Cloherty, San Diego Chargers lineman Charlie Bryant, and former Patriot and current Miami Dolphins linebacker Gary Guyton.

Stellato also takes the time out of his schedule to make sure he spreads his message, challenging underdogs to rise above the rest with his motivational speaking conferences. He even wrote a book during last year’s NFL lockout, currently being edited in Los Angeles.

It’s hard to believe that someone can succeed so extraordinarily with an all-you-can-eat buffet amount of food on his plate.

But Stellato does.

“I’ve been a big stickler on multi-tasking ever since I went to prep school. Time management is great, plus my wife is instrumental in helping me and is so supportive,” said Stellato, who also wrote the book ‘4th and Long: The Odds’. “I’m very driven and I have a high level of energy. Keeping busy helps break up any time of boredom and keeps me on the tips of toes. Everyone tells me 24 hours isn’t enough for me. It really isn’t.”

Of course, there are challenges to overcome in such a competitive field.

“There’s been plenty of times when a player is looking to hire an agent and I come in second to represent him and then 12 months later he comes to me and says ‘I made a mistake’. It might be because of my age that I wasn’t taken seriously, but guys are starting to understand.”

For Stellato, sometimes he still can’t believe he does what he does. Football is his passion. He lives for it.

“Growing up a Patriots fan and being able to do what I do and being able to represent Patriots players is just a dream come true.”